MVP Properties | Quarterly Update

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The 20's will be roaring!

With our usual "New Year, New You" feature that's normally sent out around now, we decided it was time to show you something different. Welcome to the "New Us" feature which will summarize some of what MVP Properties has been doing, and how "You" may have had more of an impact on our success than you might have thought. If you have been with us through a challenge, or a big win, or even a poolside or late-night brainstorm session with one of us, we'd like you to know we're grateful for everything you are doing to help us become the largest boutique investment property management company in the Tri-Cities area. Now here's our latest report:

Asset Acquisition

We are happy to report that we have completed our first real estate acquisition of 2020 in January. There was fantastic momentum and as usual, great timing. Special thanks to our legal team for putting in the extra effort to make everything close smoothly. A great tenant whom had previously been approved has already moved in. Now is the time to add more value to your portfolio acquiring an investment property! It's easier than you think!

Expansion of Our MVP Properties Family

This year the MVP Properties family has really grown! We've added Web Developers, Restoration and Renovation experts, Market Data Specialists and more. We have moved our offices twice in the last 2 years to accommodate our growth and are currently in the process of designing and building our next office.

The Science of Rentals

Along with our physical expansion, for 2020 we're adding a predictive A.I. algorithm that will better match landlords with the best tenants. This will ensure a higher satisfaction level with our investor clients, and combined with all our other features and a new security guarantee, we can keep owners in their comfort zone with no hassles and no reason for excuses. Our philosophy for our clients has always been:

1) You shouldn't have to do any work yourself

2) Your property should always make you money

3) Your tenants should never make you feel worried about how they're treating your investment.

Growing Together

Over the last year we have managed to solidify strategic partnerships with established real estate operators, more private lenders, banks and insurance providers, which will allow us to execute well on the ground and properly fund and protect the properties we manage.

As we acknowledge all of our family, partners, investors, and friends who have traveled with us on this journey, we want to pause and say thank you, we couldn't do all this without your support. Help us continue to make each year our best year ever!

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