Fire Safety Tips For Students

Prevention is the key to safety. The following 9 steps will help make your home a safe place to live.

1. Fire Extinguishers: Make sure each level has an up to date fire extinguisher. Know the location of each one. Understand how to use them.

2. Smoke Alarms: The landlord is responsible for the proper placement throughout the home. It should be hardwired. One in each room and common areas. Each alarm should be synced so they will alarm simultaneously. Never tamper with the smoke alarms.

3. Fire Escape Plan: Be familiar with the escape plan. Plan for 2 ways out.

4. Electrical Equipment: Use proper power bars with surge protectors and avoid use of permanent extension cords. Do not conceal cords under carpet or rugs.

5. Cooking: Always be present when cooking. Remove any combustible items from the area near by the cooking area. Use the ventilation fan when cooking. Cooking is the #1 cause of house fires.

6. Smoking: Smoking should always be done outside and from a distance of the home. Use deep ashtrays and let the contents cool before disposing of them.

7. Candles: Replace with tea lights or battery-operated candles. If using candles always be present, put in a safe place and blow out before leaving that space.

8. Space Heaters: Keep a safe distance from all belongings and possible flammable items. Keep a safe distance from any furniture.

9. Social Gatherings: Avoid over crowding to maintain control of the living area. Do not smoke inside or burn candles.

Follow these 9 steps to help make your living space safe or check in with your local fire department for more info.

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