Interview with MVP Tenant David Van Aelst

Scott: What’s your biggest success?

David: Being French…? (I joke,) I have several notable accomplishments in both my education and my work experience. Probably the most notable accomplishment was proof of concept of the mobile apps project during SOGETI conquest

This conquest was to help disable people in company work. I love the idea to help others. I worked on some nice companies:

Engie (it’s French Electricity Provider,)

Hutchinson Total Group


Navblue Airbus Group all over the world (France, London UK, Waterloo CA). This help me to upgrade my analysis skills and build some’s magical relationships & great friends.

Scott: What’s the best advice you ever received?

David: “You are a citizen of the world, be free”.

Thanks to my education and my experience; everybody is different and the most valuable data is the collective intelligence (keep open mind).

Scott: What’s an important rule you live by?

David: It’s an Unknow French citation : “Celui qui s’adapte ne vieillit pas”/ « The one who adapts himself does not age”.

Scott: Who are your heroes?

David: Myself, if you need something make the job. Don’t wait someone. If you want a name: Superdupont It’s a French comic strip, it’s the opposite of captain America or Superman (more like like Deadpool, he’s an anti-hereo). He jokes about some French-Closed mind attitudes. He is caricaturally chauvinistic, he support economic patriostism, as he smokes Gauloises cigarettes, drink red wine, eats cheese and refuse to be painted using foreign ink.

Scott: Where were you born?

David: The pink city (la ville rose). Toulouse, South of France. We have one of the best rugby team in Europe : Le Stade Toulousain.

It’s a nice city with a lot of history. Some example the first recorded European joint-stock company was born in Toulouse : Bazacle Milling Company . Now, it’s one of the most famous place about airplane. Maybe have you read the book “le petit Prince”, the little prince, Antoine de Saint Exupery lived in Toulouse or flight inside an Airbus airplane.

Scott: What’s your favourite city in the world?

David: Each city have is value (pros and cons), in my case it’s Toulouse now. Airplane city, it’s not Paris

1h to ocean, 1h to mountain, climate is good, 1h to Spain and if one day I make a family they can be European (28 country open without visa or administrative paper. This is really nice)

Scott: What advice would you give if you could go back and meet your 19 year old self?

David: Hummm, I don’t have a good advice to be honest success and failure help to build yourself. Be proud and go forward. At 18 year old maybe my advice could be : be open to study in a foreign country.

Scott: What’s your favourite musical group or artist?

David: Gun and Roses and Jimmy Cliff ( I like old music). I know a lot of funny rugby song too (like all the French) but they didn’t have an artist (Feria Song [Feria meaning party with bull in South of France and Spain])

Scott: What is your dream job?

David: - Engineer (meaning French Engineer CTI, it’s little different) :it’s done

– Airplane sector : it’s done

– Workplace : In Progress

– International Company – it’s done

Scott: That's great, thanks for the interview and we appreciate you staying with MVP Properties while you're here in Waterloo!

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