Mattamy Design Center Experience

I would like to share with everyone the experience that I had a couple of weeks ago at the Mattamy Design Centre in Milton.

MVP properties recently added two new properties that are being built and will be completed in March of 2019. On this visit, we had the opportunity to choose interior upgrades.

When we walked into the design centre the receptionist greeted us and politely asked who we are here to see. We told her we were there to see Design Consultant Sarah. Looking through into the main area all the kitchens were designed and displayed showing all the differences between the optional upgrades and the basic models. It was quiet interesting to be able to choose what would be installed in our new houses! Sarah greeted us near the front entrance and brought us to her desk. First she went through the floor plans for each of the properties and explained to us what could be upgraded and what features would add value. Then she went floor by floor and gave us her recommendation which upgrades would be essential for the best experience of those who will be living there.

Next, Sarah brought us to another area where they keep their actual samples of kitchen doors, countertop stones, handles, floor tiles, wall tiles, interior door designs, and paint colours. It was nice to see and touch the actual material that was going to be installed and instead of looking at it on the computer.

We decided to make upgrades to each of the properties and Sarah was great helping us to make the right material and colour choices. We were satisfied with the choices we made and Sarah made it so that we could envision how our properties would look when they are completed.

We were very impressed with the professionalism and the quality at Mattamy Design Centre.

I would recommend Mattamy Homes with pride!

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