The New Government issue Standard Form of Lease and I will tell you how to open it on your computer.

By now everyone has heard that the new standard lease created by the Ontario government is now fully in use.

Every previous residential tenancy agreement, and especially the home-made kinds used by some landlords are now all replaced (with only a few exceptions) by the one on the government's site. This creates a level playing field across the board and ensures some degree of equality and fairness to renters from all landlords, and vice-versa. Sounds great. It took me almost a whole day to figure out how to open it and I have fielded many questions from puzzled tenants claiming that it won't open on their browsers.

That's because it won't. Thank you Ontario for making things simpler and more complicated at the same time.

In order to open it, you must save the .pdf file to the DESKTOP of your computer. Do NOT try to open it in your browser, it will not work. Open it with a pdf viewer or editor. Only then can it be printed and filled out to be scanned and sent back. Some .pdf software will also allow it to be edited directly on your computer.

I'm sure eventually we'll figure out how to modify it to make it work like the rest of the documents we all use without thinking about how we use them. In the meantime, remember:

1) Save it to your desktop.

2) Open it from your desktop using the proper software.


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