Meet Scott

MVP Properties gets up-close and personal with CEO Scott Hundey

Who are your heroes?

I know it sounds cliche but my Wife and my Dad and Mum would be my heroes. Just for putting up with me to this day; I said and did some pretty crazy stuff as a kid, and as an adult. As a matter of fact, at some time or another, every one of my close family and friends have played the part of being my hero at some point in my life. My mother-in-law, my children. Maybe even my ex-wife's parents too when I think of it. When I was a kid, even a couple of my dogs when I was growing up had some super heroic loyalty to me. I have a small number of close family and friends, so not tons of heroes, it would have been like a hall of justice type thing. And they should all have to wear costumes.

What's the best advice you ever received?

The best advice I ever received is from my older self in the future.

Ok, I never actually had a back-to-the-future experience, but I wish I could go back in time (in a Delorean) and tell my younger self all the things I was doing wrong! There's so much I could have done differently in every stage of life. But experience is a great teacher and when you've made a lot of spectacular mistakes in the past, it's good to make sure you learned from them, and learn how to learn from others. I try to be open, and listen to people when they do give me advice. I get lots of great advice from my close circle all the time, but I always think about what my future self would tell me if he could see what I'm doing now. That tends to keep me focused on doing the right things well.

What advice would you give your teenage self if you could go back?

Not to sweat the small stuff. The whole world's opinion doesn't matter, but the feelings of those close to you do. Do what you enjoy and be mindful of others. Have fun and work hard, and just so you know, you won't be super skinny like you are now when you're 40. So try to start eating right at some point.

What are the most important rules to live by?

1) Try to get a good night sleep. You can't think properly if you're too tired

2) Be there for your family and your kids. Really be there for them so when they really need you, they know where to look.

3) Take your significant other out every once in a while. Go to a movie, go on a trip, you still need to enjoy being together.

4) Tell your parents you love them while they're still here.

5) Try to set a good example for everyone including yourself. Get into the habit of doing the right things really well.

6) Eat green vegetables whether you like them or not. Hopefully find some you like

7) Have a hobby. Music, Fishing, model trains, sometimes you need something to do when you unplug

8) Try to fart less in front of people

9) Get out of your head when you start worrying or overthinking. Sit back, relax, have fun, the robots aren't taking over the world...yet

When ARE the robots taking over the world?

Hopefully soon so we can all go on vacation together!

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