Relax, MVP Properties Can Manage Your Rental Property for you.

Meet Anna

Years ago, Anna and her husband Karl bought a rental property in the city so their daughter Stacey had a place to stay while going to University. They knew that this house would provide a safe, affordable place for Stacey to live throughout her school years. What they hadn’t counted on was how difficult it had been to find the right tenants to live there after Stacey had finished school and moved out.

They tried student tenants, but most of them were too loud and messy. They tried grown-up tenants but some of those were even worse. A few of them didn’t pay their rent, and some of them made the house so stinky that one time, after the tenant moved out, all the carpets had to be replaced. One even broke all the doors and caused a flood, and another had a snake that bit the neighbour’s dog! Karl complained that he found he was at the house every weekend fixing some problem caused by the tenants. He wanted to sell and get rid of the place before he retired. Anna knew there were good tenants out there but didn’t know how to get them. She wondered if there was someone who could do the work for her so she would be able to enjoy the extra income with no hassles and when the real estate market was higher in a few years they could make a lot more than if they sold it today. Karl would be happy, and Anna would have the peace of mind she was doing the right thing for their retirement savings.

One day, Anna was talking to her friend Mia. Mia had inherited a rental property from her mother, but never seemed to spend any time complaining about her tenants or looking after it. Mia told her about MVP Properties and how they found good tenants for her that paid on time, and never seemed to have any problems. Well, at least it seemed that they never had problems because MVP Properties was the first point of contact who the tenants called, and if MVP could help them with minor issues and what they needed without involving Mia, they would. Mia had complete control over the relationship and could get involved anytime she wanted to, but as long as the rent kept coming in, and the tenants were happy, and MVP Properties kept her up to date with a free quarterly update, she was happy to watch her investment appreciate, and she had the time to enjoy each and every day. Mia liked how it worked and thought Anna should try them.

Anna thought it was a great idea too. So she called MVP Properties, and quickly, they found the right tenants for her, and took care of all the details. Karl got his weekends back, and over the following months, Anna enjoyed watching the rent come in. She enjoyed it so much in-fact that soon after, she bought another property, a multi-unit one that MVP also takes care of. Today, Anna and Karl are enjoying their retirement without the hassle and stress of worrying about their investment properties, and MVP Properties makes sure their apartments stay full of good tenants.

MVP Properties: We take the worry, and most of the work out of managing your income property. All for less than you think.

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