How To Set Up An Epic Easter Egg Hunt

What Makes an Epic Easter Egg Hunt?

An Easter Egg hunt is no fun if all it takes is the ability to find the brightly colored Easter egg basket sitting on top of the counter and a group of colored eggs scattered around the living room floor. It’s also no fun if it requires the detective skills of Sherlock and the combination to a lock. Follow the steps below to have an EPIC EASTER EGG HUNT….

  1. Audience: Easter egg hunts are great for all ages, from toddlers to adults. Know before hand, the age group and a rough number of participants attending prior to the event. Plan ahead to designate areas for the hunt by age group and disburse the lost eggs according to participants. Capping the total amount of eggs each hunter can collect will help conclude the amount of total eggs required.

  2. Setting: Set up a time and place to reflect the parent’s schedule. It might be easier to host an egg hunt for the neighborhood before Easter Sunday, as many families will be at church or traveling to their celebrations that day. You also want to consider what time of day would be best. Late morning or afternoon is the most popular choice. If hosting on Easter Sunday, having the event in the afternoon would be better, as many people attend services in the morning. Find the right location that can properly accommodate the participants and with close proximity to the audience.

  3. Story: Kids can be easily distracted by the attraction of chocolate and candy. Be creative and customize your Easter Egg Hunt story for the audience so that they can slow down and enjoy the journey. Make it simple, short and lots of fun. Explaining the how the eggs were left behind, where they were left behind, where they were not left behind, different areas designated for age groups, meeting spots and any possible prizes

  4. Designated a very clear area for the hunt: Before hiding the eggs, set a boundary for where the eggs will be hidden. For example, with an outdoor hunt you may set the boundary as the backyard and no eggs will be hidden beyond the fence. You will want to communicate the boundary to the children participating. All of this will help keep everyone in the same area and will help with safety. In a group of children, one child’s absence could go un-noticed for a while and you definitely don’t want any child wandering away from the group. Safety-first approach. Communicate the out of bound boundaries and highlight the locations where the Easter bunny did not hide the eggs. (i.e. not in tree branches—want to prevent climbing of trees, keep eggs away from any water or ponds and keep eggs out of thorny plants and other foliage that may be poisonous, to name a few)

  5. Challenging: highlight area’s for children ages 4 and under. Have helpers/volunteers in directing the hunters to the correct areas and provide clues if and when necessary. Communicate a time limit and meeting spots. Maps and clues for the older age groups. Not too easy, not too hard, but just right must be imagined to engage all age groups.

  6. Prizes: Give away a couple of random prizes. The egg hunt should be all about having fun. Its not a competition.

eggs could be fuzzy chicks, temporary tattoos, stickers, small toys, friendship bracelets, coins, candy or even play dough. Children will love opening all of their eggs and discovering their treasure

  1. Fun: Take pictures of the event and post on a group page for everyone to see. Plan ahead, get feedback from the parents and hunters on how to improve next year’s event.

Follow these 7 steps to making an Epic Easter Egg Hunt!

Special thanks to Double Dragon Kung Fu school for organizing their 3rd annual Easter Egg Hunt at Huron Park Natural Area located at 801 Trillium Dr, Kitchener, ON N2R 1K4. With over 120 Easter Egg hunters of all ages and over 1000 eggs being displaced through out the park, the amount of work/preparation should not be overlooked. We appreciate your community initiative. Our children had a blast (James 3, Rosalie 4 and Robert 8). On behalf of MVP properties we Thank You!

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