St. Jacobs Farmers' Market

St. Jacobs Farmers Market is great place to take your family and spend the afternoon. My three year old son loves going to the farmers market. His first stop is the mini-donut booth where they make the mini sugar-covered donuts in front of you. He knows exactly where that store is and bolts to line up. Next stop is the cheese shop for some good mild Canadian Gouda and Salami. My wife’s favourite corner the vegetable and fruit corner; she’ll pick out all the fruits and vegetable that she wants. We filled one extra large eco bag and it only cost me $22.00 compared to the supermarkets, I saved at least $10.00. Our next stop is to the butchers for some AAA steaks and pork chops for the BBQ. In the second floor of the main building has crafting booths; one of my favourite is the hand crafted wood store and handmade leather store they are very unique.

When you get tired of walking and hungry they have all sorts of great eatery and trust me they are all good and hardy food.

Then we grab some extra large pretzels and butter tarts for dessert. For some fresh local foods and goods there is no place like it. When it gets too cold outside you could sit by the outdoor wood burning fire place.

It’s a great place to take your family and have a great time and see some local goods. They are open Thursday and Saturday all year around, and Tuesday during the summer months.

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