Spring Clean Up

The lifestyle of a student can be fast paced hustle and bustle. Clothes all over the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, empty Tim Horton’s cups every where and papers scattered all over their desk. This is the typical landscape of our university and college students. Often putting parents and landlords alike feeling helpless.

The following tips should kick start a spring clean up. Putting closure to winter while opening the door to spring by turning disorderly living spaces into ones own immaculate palace.

1.Clean out your food stash: Take your time to check the expiry dates. Check the freezer for lost meals that are no longer wanted. Check your cupboards for any products that are not sealed and may have gone foul. Then….. Throw them out!

2.Organize your closet: Spring is in the air, not winter. Time to store your winter clothes. Free up some space in that busy closest by organizing your wardrobe and donating clothes that are no longer wanted or hardly worn.

3.Take care of old paperwork: Whether this means filing it away for future reference, recycling it because #sustainability, or shredding it into tiny bits of confetti for a post-finals celebration, make sure you clear away any past work as it can come back to haunt you in the form of paper mountains and painful memories of that class.

4. Make a clean up checklist. Time to hold you’re self-accountable and schedule in your checklist into your daily, weekly and monthly planner. Start by rooms; kitchen, washrooms, living room, bedroom. Than by activities; Dust, sweep, vacuum, disinfect. Clink the link below for a checklist sample http://www.thestudentguide.com/survival_guide/article/how_to_spring_clean_like_a_pro

5. Rearrange your furniture: Sometimes, the same room set-up can get bland. Therefore, feel free to spice up your bedroom and play around with the placement of your desk, bed, and other furniture (especially if they're not bolted to the ground!).

The spring clean up requires some little proactive actions. If your roommates are chill, they are sure to tolerate a little mess, here and there. Remember your junk is not their treasure so be considerate and help do the little things to make the spring clean up habits stick.

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