Meet the MVP Properties Team: Meet Andrew

We sit down with Andrew Lee from MVP Properties and discuss Family, Career, Nicknames, and what the future holds!

Q So, whats your story?

A I was born in South Korea and immigrated to Canada when I was 11years old. I attended Jean Vanier high school in Toronto and met life long friends. Then went to Douglas College in Vancouver and took Criminalogy. In 2005 I started a general contracting company with a good friend of mine. In 2015 I partnered up with Robert and Scott to start MVP Properties. Towards the end of 2017 my wife and two kids and I moved to Kitchener and my family is enjoying the life in Kitchener.

Q Whats your nickname? & how did you get it?

A My nickname is "Buddha." I got this name when I went to Florida for a volleyball tournament. Our team decided to go out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant and as we were driving in there was big statue of Buddha by the front entrance of the restaurant. Ever since that day all my teamates called me Buddha and it stuck with me till this day.

Q Tell me about a project or accomplishment you consider to be significant in your career?

A Being a general contractor it's hard to say which projects are most memorable. As a young general contractor it wasn't easy getting jobs to support my workers and my family. My biggest accomplishment would be being able to carry the company for the last 14 years and being able to provide for my family.

Q How would you describe your current job title to a child?

A I would tell a child that I fix anything inside the rental units so that the students could study better with out worries.

Q What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

A We went to a Japanese sushi buffet (168 sushi.) My 3 year old son wanted to eat the lemon; it was his first time. We just gave it to him and when he licked it I could never forget the face expression.

Q What is the last gift you have given someone?

A Last week it was my son's best friends birthday and I gave him a lego city.

Q If you were on deathrow, what would be your last meal?

A Gordito's "fish taco" in Dominican Republic.

Q What is the most amount of donuts you have eaten in one sitting?

A dozen donuts (12) ^^

Q How would your wife describe you?

A She would describe me as a great father and husband that provides for the family. Fun and caring around the kids. When she needs something, I'm always there to support her and to cheer her on. I'm a good motivator to my wife.

Q If we were sitting here 3 years from know, what would we have achieved together?

A Three years from now we'll be greater Friends and Partners. Three heads are better then one; I think it'll be limitless to what we could achieve as one.

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