New MVP Luxury Homes

Have we got a place for you! Well more than one place, actually.

In April of 2019, MVP Properties will be placing the finishing touches on some brand new luxury townhomes. These brand new builds will not be set up as student rentals as most of our properties are, they will be two and three bedroom luxury townhouses with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and designer fixtures. We designed them with you in mind. And who are you? Well, you know that better than us, since you've been living with yourself for all these years. You put in the time living at home, then before you knew it, you were off to school; maybe you stayed in one of our student rentals; maybe you didn't. Or maybe you stayed in residence. Regardless of where you've lived, once you've finished school and working, you need something different. Something more suited to your mature lifestyle, maybe something just like the kind of place we're building right now. Contact us and ask us for more information. We'll help you get into one of these wonderful homes. You deserve it. Here's a video that tells you a bit about us and what we're doing.

We're MVP Properties.

We're all on the same team, and every player is most valuable.

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