Interview with MVP Guest Thao Nguyen

Name: Thảo Nguyen School: U of Waterloo 2013-2017 Program: Actuarial Science and Statistics MVP Tenant from Sept 2016 to Dec 2017 Currently Employed as Actuarial Analyst

MVP: What’s your biggest success? Thao: I have no successes yet. Unless you count graduating from University of Waterloo, Getting a job, Capable of traveling to any country by myself. And I’ve lived in Canada on my own since I was 17. MVP: Sounds like you’ve got a good list of successes already, maybe your bar is set higher than most people. MVP: What’s the worst thing about being a student? Thảo: It’s hard to create a routine. Your schedule is different every day so one day I might be up late doing homework then up at 6am getting ready the next morning for an early class. The day after that, I might not have a class until after 1pm. MVP: What’s the best advice you ever received? Thảo: Someone once told me to take any opportunity that comes your way. MVP: Who are your heroes? Thảo: My Dad, my Mom, and yes, Albert Einstein MVP: You’re from Vietnam, right? Thảo: Yes MVP: What’s the most Vietnamese thing about you? Thảo: (laughing) My Accent MVP: Really? I bet when you go to Vietnam, people tell you how Canadian you sound. Thảo: Maybe MVP: What advice would you give if you could go back and meet your 19-year-old self? Thảo: Don’t go with the flow. Don’t fall into peer pressure. MVP: If you were going back to school again, what would you study this time around? Thảo: Philosophy or Data science MVP: What is your dream job? Thảo: Being a Monk MVP: Thanks you for the interview Thảo, and for staying with us while you were in University. Best of luck for the future!

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