The Healthy Student

​​Eating healthier for most is challenging, but when students become faced with the prospect of feeding themselves, bad habits can develop quickly. Home cooked meals get substituted for fast food and cheap packaged noodles. With this in mind, a simple plan can provide the proper guidance to making eating healthier easier. PLAN Cook from home and batch cook. Pick a day during the week and write out the major meal recipes for the week ahead. This strategy will save you time deciding what to eat daily. You might plan out everything, but if your roommates ask you to join in for a take-out meal and you want to join in, go for it. Don’t be too hard on yourself. MAKE A LIST AND STICK TO IT Using the weekly meal plan you have built, determine what you need for each recipe and write it down. Replace chips and crackers with fruits and nuts to keep your body fueled during the day. Don't ever go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, always eat beforehand to prevent deviating from your master plan. DRINK WATER Water is free and regularly available. It sounds obvious and straightforward but rather than buying pop or juice, try carrying a water thermos to quench your thirst when necessary. Staying hydrated is the best thing for your healthy body and mind. SLEEP Get a reasonable number of hours of sleep each night. Be specific about your goals for the new year; for example, "get at least 8 hours of sleep a night" instead of "get more sleep each night." Making your New Year's resolutions as specific as you can make them easier to achieve. And while University life is hard and oftentimes you will be sleep deprived; by making sure you get enough sleep each night you improve your chances of long-term success (and health!) in school.

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