How to get More...for Less

First-year students living on campus is ideal because it helps in the transition to becoming more independent. Students begin the process of accepting more responsibilities while still benefiting from many of the luxuries conveniently provided for them.

The next step to advancing a student’s independence most likely comes in the second year when most students must move into an off campus student housing accommodation. Living off campus is usually the student’s first glimpse of complete independence.

Everyone knows that tuition cost for college and universities can be very expensive. Everyone says that living on a student’s allocated budget can at times become challenging.

Here are some important tips to consider when making your off-campus housing selection:

Be Proactive: Look well in advance for your desired housing accommodation. Make a checklist of top priorities before viewing the properties. The bigger the selection, the easier it is to compare the housing options. Landlords know that pro-active students make better tenants. Most housing accommodations promote early bird promotions or discounts.

Location: Be flexible with the site. Living a couple of miles away can save you thousands of dollars and provide less distraction. Most landlords offer lower rent rates or flexible leasing terms with rentals that require a little commute.

Negotiate: Power of the group. If possible, negotiate as a group to secure multiple rooms. The landlord would prefer to rent to a group versus individuals and vacancies are less likely with tenants who know each other. Ask for a group discount or a referral fee.

All Inclusive: Establishing a monthly budget is critical for students to become good money managers. All inclusive student housing will provide less hassle, no surprises, no utility deposits, less responsibility and in most cases fully furnished rooms.

Experience required: Ask your parents for help. There is no shortcut to experience. Parents understand the importance of taking your time and asking the landlords the right questions.

Inspect what you expect: Safety first. Make sure the units are up to date with their rental license as well as fire code.

Reputation: Ask your landlord for referrals or permission to talk to their current tenants. Social media is also an excellent way to check up on a property, landlord or leasing company.

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