Top Qualities of a good Landlord

Top Qualities of a good Landlord

Nobody wants to deal with a property-owner that seemed like crossing the boundaries between a landlord-tenant relationships or someone that responds after ages of waiting for complaints and inquiries but shows up when collecting the rental dues. If you are looking for a place to rent that meets your expectation, you should also try to find out the best traits of a good landlord.

Here are the following top qualities of a landlord that a renter should consider:

1. Professionalism

Someone that deals appropriately and knowledgeable about the laws of the landlord and the tenant. Someone who shows the he really knows his job and respects the privacy of the tenants. Approaches the prospect tenant with respect and presents himself properly such as dressing accordingly.

2. Reliable

A landlord should be transparent and honest with all his dealings. He/she discloses information that benefits both the tenant and the proprietor such as that rules within the building, person to contact to for maintenance and inquiries, rental fees and other facilities of the property. Someone who knows how to keep his word and does not hide anything from the tenants.

3. Good/ Open Communication

Prompt response from the proprietor is very vital in maintaining a harmonious management of the property and gains the trust of the tenants and prospective tenants. They use friendly and effective communication but in a professional manner. In addition, they answer issues, inquiries, complaints or problems on time. Returns phone calls and respond to emails or any form of communication that the management can be reached.

4. Flexible

A good landlord is firm but fair.

Sticking to the contract is important however there are instances that may arise and the landlord’s consideration is needed. When circumstances get hard, a little compassion can somehow go along.

For example: Late rental dues due to an emergency or availability. The landlord should check the tenant’s history when paying and might give a little consideration if applicable.

5. Reputation

It is very common now a days that we can easily access the reviews through social media e.g facebook and other websites. We can get a lot of feedback that we might consider when looking for a place to reside. It won’t hurt checking out these reviews and you’ll also discover information that might reassure you to take it or not to take it. It will also show how competent the landlord in sharing his/her information regarding the rental property and the management.

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