Maintaining your Room: what you can do to keep it stunning

Keeping your room clean may seem like a chore, and if you treat it that way that feeling won't change. Instead approach room cleaning like a game and have some fun with it. As you break your old habits, you'll find that keeping your room clean gets easier and easier, and you'll be doing it without thinking before you know it.

Step 1. Get into the habit of making your bed before you leave for the day. A messy bed can make a clean room look messy. This small step can inspire you to keep your room neat throughout the day. Throwing things on your bed is not making it.

Get an mp3 player, or a radio and play music while you clean (as long as it won't bother others). It can help distract you from the task at hand, and it can make it more fun!

Step 2. Keep food out of your room. As tempting as it is to bring snacks in your room, all of those dirty dishes and wrappers can mess up a room fast. If you absolutely must eat food in your room, bring dishes back to the kitchen and throw all trash in the garbage when you are done. You may also find it helpful to have your own trash can. Make sure that there are no leftover crumbs! Crumbs can and will attract bugs like ants and cockroaches, and bugs in a room is no joke!

Step 3. Put things back where they belong. This may seem like it`s not a simple rule but if you follow it, you will never have to worry about your room being a disaster ever again. If you don't have time, at least make a deal with yourself that you will make sure everything is picked up before you go to bed. If you want to pick it up sooner, pick things up after you use it. Or maybe, once a week you could spend about an hour or so to make sure that your room is nice and clean and organized for the next week. If this gets tiring, you will not want to have to re-clean your room, and then you won't make a mess in the first place!

Step 4. Maintain. Once a week, do a simple maintenance cleaning. Dust off your desk, bookshelves, and other dusty surfaces. Vacuum and sweep your floor. Wash your sheets. Maybe clean off windows.

Step 5. Before you go to bed, take aside a few minutes to pick up any dirty clothing or wrappers you forgot to put away and make sure your room at least looks decent before you settle into bed.

Break the bad habits that lead to filth.

  • This one is obvious: Putting clothes on the floor instead of in the dirty clothes hamper. Buy a basket and every time you use clothes put them in the basket. Then, every few days bring it to a washer.

  • Tossing a book on the floor after reading it instead of on the shelf. That's not getting you anywhere.

  • Kicking off shoes onto the floor instead of putting them away. Put shoes in one certain spot.

  • Crumpling up a piece of paper and throwing it on the floor instead of recycling it.

  • Put your garbage in a garbage can, everyone. I can't stress that enough. Don't just throw it out the window.

  • Drinking something in the room and leaving the cup on the desk. Read step 3.

  • Throwing unwanted pillows on the floor instead of putting them in the closet. Read step 1.

If cleaning your room is hard for you to do, you "don't have time" or you just are too lazy to, get a friend to come over and help you with it. Then you can have fun while doing the job!

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