The Benefits of Off-Campus Housing

The Benefits of Off-Campus Housing

The innate fear of missing out on experiences while absent is present in most people,

especially those beginning a new chapter in their life. University students often opt to live on campus as they fear that being away from the experience of residency will harm their social, and possibly, academic life. However, the many benefits of living off-campus greatly outweigh the social aspect rewarded by residency.

Though the social aspect of residency may appeal to many, the ability to choose when and when not to socialize is an advantage that all off campus students have. Often, students living on residence are unable to focus on their studies and are drawn toward the party atmosphere surrounding them. They become easily distracted by this, and as a result, their grades suffer. Off campus students are more easily able to be free from these distractions surrounding them and can balance their social and academic life. Being a student is one of the costliest parts of one’s life. Generally, the cost of living on campus is vastly larger than the cost of living independently. One is able to choose the housing based on the money they are willing to spend, and is able to split this cost with others if they have connections to someone in need of a roommate. Living off campus requires the need to purchase one’s own necessities that are often provided by the university when living on residence.

Residence typically requires purchasing a meal plan that is incredibly expensive, but

if budgeted correctly, the off campus student will be able spend less on food, and can purchase the specific meal they desire. Although it may seem unappealing, learning to create and cook one’s own meals is imperative to the growth of a human. Learning to cook is a skill necessary as one grows older and is no longer able to depend on the help of others. Although not everyone is able to create exceptional meals, learning to make the basics is essential.

Living off campus allows for the growth from when a teenager becomes an adult. Residency does not allow for the independence and freedom of living off of self-sufficiency. The responsibilities that come with living off campus is a part of becoming an adult. This independence and freedom given lets the teenager grow into the adult that they are destined to be. It allows a development that may never be achieved otherwise.

The most important aspect of living off campus is that it allows for this independence.

The rules and restrictions that apply to those living in residence, including curfews, and not being able to decorate your room the way you want, does not apply to off campus students. The strict rules that the university has on its students no longer applies once one is off the campus of the university. It creates a sense of individuality, as you can do as you please. Living off campus has benefits that are crucial to living a full life and growing as a person. University is about stepping into adulthood, and that is what living off campus allows. The luxuries of living with privacy, and freedom in an inexpensive way is what makes living off campus so incredibly appealing.

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